Simple Sessions Introduction

starting simply. moving simply. 

The beauty of yoga is its ultra-portability. It is easy to incorporate it into daily life because we can practice anywhere; outside, airports, at desks, even in the bed!

The purpose of Simple Sessions is two-fold, the first being getting us moving and breathing mindfully during our day. What does it mean move and breath mindfully? When we bring our full awareness to the present moment, our complete attention to our breath and movement, not judging or criticizing, we are moving mindfully. Mindfully moving and breathing quiets the brain and calms the mind. Who doesn’t need more of that?

The second purpose of Simple Sessions is to provide an approachable path to begin our yoga practice. Let go of any preconceived notions, expectations or stereotypes. Meet your body where it is at this moment, accepting that even the most seasoned yogi began their practice exactly where we’re starting. Therefore, let’s be kind to ourselves. Be kind to our bodies, assured that the practice that our specific body needs will come.

Bringing breath, awareness, and an approachable path to our yoga practice. 

Sending prayers, love an warm vibes,