Mat Life

Yoga is a great avenue to connect with your mind and body. Not only is it a low-impact option to incorporate more movement in your life, but there are also numerous health benefits of a regular practice. Increased immune function and energy, decreased blood pressure and chronic pain, and improved mental health are some of them.

Contrary to what yoga images that inundate the internet would have us believe, yoga is for everybody and is accessible to every body. Every body includes inflexible bodies, bony bodies, achy bodies, abundant bodies and your body. If you can breathe, you can do yoga! It's simple, in fact, the most challenging part is to start. Great news! You do not have to start alone. Let’s partner as you begin to explore life on the mat.


My Story

My name is Niecia Bullock. I am an RYT-200 certified Yoga Instructor, though I prefer to think of myself as more of a Yoga Guide. I offer yoga guidance in workshop, private and corporate settings in Northern Virginia and the Washington DC Metro area.  

Bored with high-impact fitness routines and concerned with maintaining and sustaining a healthy body,  I began searching for a simple, lower-impact option. Like so many others, I took my first yoga class at the gym and within two sessions I was hooked! Very quickly, I ditched the gym membership and found a yoga studio near my home. Over four years what began strictly as a physical workout has transitioned into a lifestyle.

I found a lower-impact fitness option and so much more through my practice. Confidence, spiritual connection, a quiet mind and space to “do life” are some of them. Now, I am passionate about supporting others as they begin to explore their lives on the mat.